round clusters the placements by rounding branch lengths.

usage: round [options] placefile[s]


--out-dir Specify the directory to write files to.
--prefix Specify a string to be prepended to filenames.
--sig-figs Set the number of significant figures used for rounding. Specify 0 for no rounding. Default: 3.
--cutoff Set the rounding inclusion cutoff for the ML weight ratio. Default: 0.01.


This subcommand provides very basic “clustering” functionality. This is not meant to derive “species level” or analogous groupings, but rather to group placements which will have essentially identical impact in a guppy analysis.

Rounding is done as follows:

  • throw out the placement mass below the --cutoff level
  • round the branch lengths to --sig-figs significant figures
  • group placements that are identical after this process.